9/2/14- Few Steps Forward, a Few Steps Back

"The horse can be a great vehicle for some people to overcome things in their life they might not be able to overcome otherwise." ~Buck Brannaman

“The horse can be a great vehicle for some people to overcome things in their life they might not be able to overcome otherwise.”
~Buck Brannaman

I almost lazily chose not to work Chief last night.  I got my ass to the barn and then stood around for 20 minutes gabbing and talking about how hot it was out. 

Then to my happiness and disappointment (disappointment because I didn’t have an excuse any longer) the sun went behind the clouds and it cooled down. 

So I threw Chief’s rope halter on him and brought him into the ring to do some work.  I did not saddle him up last night, but we did flag work for the majority of the night.  We worked for about an hour. 

Last night I was trying to combine everything I have been learning, and let me tell you, it makes me realize how uncoordinated I am sometimes.  At one point, I think I had the end of the rope looped around the flag, the flag tangled in Chief’s tail and the end of the lead looped around my ankle.  At that point I clearly knew I had to stop myself and re group. 

My biggest flaw last night was that I was allowing Chief to crowd me as we were practicing circles because of my arm position.  It is something I know how to do properly, but concentrating on other areas has caused me to forget some of the basics I have been practicing so much.  I guess I should not say forget, but more so forget to implement along with the new steps.  But it definitely got my mind all jumbled up and Astrid was nice enough to direct me.  And I know now its OK to stop when I get confused, regroup and start over. 

Chief was good.  On a scale of 1-10 I would call last night a 6.  I scared him once and he spooked, because I was too hard when I asked him to move out. 

Also the Bombers (giant horse flies) were really bad last night, and have been for days.  I am getting better at killing them though, not that I like doing that.  I feel like, if people get more than one life to live, terrorists have to come back to life as these horse flies.  They are so intent on their victims, get pissed really easily, and ultimately do not care that they are going to get killed when I wack them. 

Chief ended on a good note and was sweet and trusting.  But sometimes I feel like when I make mistakes and confuse him, he is going to think I suck as a partner.  But I am working on that.  Everyone makes mistakes, and I hope if I am gentle enough correcting him when he slips up, that maybe he will return the favor with  me. 

Tonight’s goals. 

  • Saddle him up
  • Flag work with and without saddle
  • Try to create a calmness with the saddle and the flag
  • Try to keep things interesting and his attention on me

A little voice in my head the other day told me, “you are all he needs,” when I was thinking about Chief.  So I am really just trying to go on that. 


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