Sessions- 9/7, 9/8, 9/9 Continuing Groundwork

"In the end we only regret the chances we did not take."

“In the end we only regret the chances we did not take.”

Sometimes a tough week is like a black hole.  It can suck up all of your energy.  It is hard to give my horse the attention he needs when stuff is going to the crap-house at home with certain things.  But we are trying to make it through, and I know that we are truly blessed in the large picture.  We just have to take it day by day.  Or “bird-by-bird” as Amy Poehler would say.

9/7- Sunday

After a long day of running around, I worked Chief at night with no saddle.  We worked on circles and I worked hard at keeping him moving.  He got huffy a few times, and honestly it was prob not the best time for me to be doing work with him because I was in a pissy mood.  But he was responsive, licking his lips and chewing.  We worked on circles and back ups and leading for about an hour until it got dark.

9/8- Monday

I was really happy with Monday’s lesson. Astrid said that she was really impressed with Chief’s responses and the way he was paying attention to me, and listening. We added a few things to the normal routine.  After the normal circles and bending exercises, I practiced tossing his lead line at him and the saddle to gauge his reaction.  He did well, and just spooked a bit but did not buck. So we were happy with that.

We saddled him and he stood nicely.  I worked on calming him while saddling and walked nicely to the center of the ring while I had the flag in my hand.  He would circle quickly, a little nervy, but his circles were nice.  When it came to rolling his hind, he would try to run away.  I had to snatch him back, but he eventually got better.  Astrid showed me how to point the flag at his stirrup until he calmed and was ok with it.  He got to a place where he was not too worried.

I asked him to trot on the long lead in both directions under saddle, successfully with no issues.  When I put him on a lunge line, he transitioned from a trot to a canter successfully, but to the right when I asked him to continue cantering when he attempted to quit the bucking started. I had to get his head in my direction by snatching him w the line, but he calmed.  And we started again from the beginning.  He was good and less worried the second time.

Tonight 9/10 I have a riding lesson (first time I have ridden since my cast came off!!) either on Skylar the big thoroughbred or a small mustang who I really enjoy.  So we will see.

9/9- Tuesday-

I just spent some time with Chief.  He was a little antsy in the wash stall when I was grooming him bc the other horses were getting fed hay.  But he could have been much worse.  He was pretty much a good boy, just antsy.  I just gave him a good brush down, did some leading exercises and turned him out to eat.


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