Amen to whoever you are!

Amen to whoever you are!


I rode for the first time last night since I got my cast off! I was so excited, and to tell you the truth, a lot more nervous than I though I would be.  After riding Chief, I did not realize that when I rode again, I would be in that saddle expecting another horse to toss me off.  But initially that is exactly what happened.  I realized I was nervous to ask him to do anything, waiting for a strong head toss and a buck/shoulder drop/twist (clearly my horse should perform in Cirque du Soleil.)  But I got into a groove and by the end of the night we had a really sweet ride.

To my happiness, Skylar was just a doll.  He pretty much baby sat me while I was warming up.  He was really sweet, and just tried really hard to do whatever I asked him to do.  It was really nice to ride a horse that tried hard to do what you were asking instead of getting pissed off when he was confused.

When we started trotting, it felt so nice I actually felt myself well up with tears.  That has never ever happened to me before. That strong emotion to riding. It was an uncontrollable reaction.  When I was about 14 I fell off a lesson horse jumping, and smacked neck on the pole of a cross rail.  And after that I was not even scared, or nervous to ride after.  I am not sure why, with age, things have changed for me.  I guess when you are young confidence comes a lot more naturally.  I am wondering if fear is a natural part of riding, if it effects more people and it is just not spoken about as much.

Anyway…I am just really happy to be back in the saddle.


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