A Much Needed Week Long Overview and Pony Rides

"Every rider has that one horse that changes everything about them"

“Every rider has that one horse that changes everything about them”

9/16- Tuesday Lesson

So I think this may be my last groundwork lesson that I take for awhile. The reason being is that it is really important for me to start riding more again, so I need to pay for riding lessons with Astrid as opposed to the groundwork lessons.  I need to shift my goals to ride as many different horses as I can, in order to get comfortable in the saddle again.  Astrid told me this day that I need to start thinking about my action plan for riding this horse again, and she is right.  I haven’t necessarily been dragging my feet because I know we still have work to do, but I also know that if  I do not start making a plan, I will have a good halter horse and not attempt to do much else!

So we worked Chief on the ground naked and under saddle.  He was really relaxed.  I am FINALLY reading him in a way that I can calm him down once he gets agitated, on the ground that is.  No bucks this lesson, and the only thing he has got in a weird habit of doing is ticking his head like he is trying to get a fly when he is on a circle.  I just ask him to move out and keep it moving.  Part of me can’t help but think he is a bit of a headcase.  LOL which is by no means his fault… But he does some weird stuff sometimes.  I have been working on getting him to slow instead of running into his circles which he is beginning to do really well too.

And I took a pony ride on him.  Meaning Astrid lead him around on a long lead and I walked in circles around her on his back with a saddle on.  He was very relaxed and really could have given a crap at that moment.  It is so funny how sometimes he just is the most relaxed horse in the world vs the most reactive horse in the world. I am hoping I am teaching him how to be the latter.  When I was walking around on his back I actually felt really emotional.

9/17- Poop Shoveling-  Shoveled da poo all night long.

9/18 Light halter work.  Nothing new to report, and I can actually barely remember the evening! Clearly I am slacking.

9/20- Light Ring work with Chief.  I worked him in the arena and on the grass.  He was good on both.  It was evening ish, I did not saddle him, but he did good work and I could tell he was really trying. I was pretty on point with my direction as well.  He was minorly distracted by Puck in the field, but nothing unmanageable.

9/21- In the AM I  rode my girlfriend Agata’s horse Note.  It was really nice. I just walk trotted her around, and she was really good.  Very light to the leg and cantered from a walk when I barely touched her. LOL so that was different.  We did some easy work for about 35 mins and Agata helped correct my arm position and told me since I was so light with her, I could ride her whenever I like if she was around.  How sweet is that??? 🙂 I have really great friends.

That evening, after a quick trip to the beach with my fam, Chief and I did some Groundwork Naked and Under Saddle.  Astrid swung by while I was in ring already and commented that Chief looked really good.  I couldn’t help but feel happy for the two of us.   Chief had a lot of observers.  3 people were hanging around watching and chit chatting.  Chief was a little distracted and definitely nervous when I saddled him but he walked off great and performed so well.  I made sure to tell him he was a superstar.  Initially when I asked him to trot without saddle he gave me a little buck… pretty much a hop.  But I corrected him and asked again.  The rest of the night he was fine and willing.


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