Cold Weather and Wear and Tear


I was slacking a little this week for 3 or 4 reasons.  My allergies were insane so I felt crappy.  The weather was cold and rainy for much of the week, and we were getting ready to go away for the weekend.  So I started out on a bad foot but we ended up doing pretty well with one another.

10/15 – Cut Chief’s hair.  Did pretty terrible job.  LOL!!!

10/16 -1 hr

Learned how to properly give Chief a haircut.  I still have to finish it because I wanted to get out and work him before it got dark! But at least now I know.

It was really rainy the night before and our ring was filled with puddles.  I worked him in the front of the ring and then on grass.  He was really good.  Stupidly I asked him to canter (lead was too short and grass was wet.) He kicked out to the side (His MO) before I got him quickly under control, and realized my mistake.  I pet him and calmed him down and started over again.  He was really good and very calm for the rest of the night.

10/17 – Short visit

Just said bye to Chief before I left for the weekend.  Gave him a few sugar cubes and a kiss on the nose and told him I would see him Sunday.

10/19-  2 hrs

After a semi traumatizing experience with poop and a golf cart we had a good workout!  Worked chief through our regular routine, and he was very calm.  Low head, calm eyes, good responses to flag.  I could tell I could have worked him up with the flag if I wanted to (further desensitizing) but I really wanted to keep him calm and happy because  I was riding him with Astrid that evening, and because I hadn’t really worked him all week so I wanted to give him some slack.   He saddled nicely, and no terrible reaction to the girth today.  He is always sensitive but nothing crazy.  He stepped his shoulder toward me in a way that I wasn’t happy with when I stopped for a minute to talk to Astrid, so I had to back him up a few steps, but that was our only hangup.  We have been putting his rope halter over his bridle when I ride him (redneck I know) but it has been working for us, so Astrid can control his head… Although Buck would not love that too much I don’t think.  LOL!!! I do think that I am getting more confident with asking Chief to work a bit harder.  So next time we ride I am going to press him a little bit more.  Work through transitions a little faster and stay at my trot for a little longer, do more turns etc.  He was a really good boy and really pays attention once we start working.

My tack is coming up really nicely as well! The bridle I was given is really looking nice, and I love the bit I am using.  I am really blessed.


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