No Hands MA~! Or no horn…I mean

Look at Chief's Cute Sweat spot on his shoulder! Awwww

Look at Chief’s Cute Sweat spot on his shoulder! Awwww

10/21- Worked Chief… With and without Saddle.  Having trouble remembering workout.

10/24- Worked Chief with Flag, without saddle.


Chief was great for our lesson! Really lazy! I worked him for 45 mins naked and under saddle, and with the flag.  I had his attention, but he was just SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.  Which was making me laugh because that is not how he usually is.  Usually he has an easy go button.  Astrid worked with us on ground work and under saddle.  He did crowd me a little when I was saddling him and I corrected him by backing him up.  He responded well.

When I was riding him he was really settled.  Walked and trotted nicely.  We did a bunch of half turns without any kind of negative reaction.  He did get nervous once when I was struggling to give him the correct commands.  He got a little nervous and put his tongue over the bit and was struggling a but.  But nothing crazy and we calmed him.  He did not want to stay trotting so I just kept on him and got a nice trot.  Rode him for about 35 minutes.  I think next time I will take him off the lead line!! Today I didn’t hold onto the horn at all!

10/26- Care All Day

Took care of horses all day for Astrid while she was at a horse show! Also had to change the tire on the horse trailer for them when they were on the way home.  Too tired to work Chief!

10/27- 1 hr

Chief was such a good boy today.  Started slow but picked up nicely by the time we saddled him up.  Walk trotted and Cantered both without and under saddle.  First urge to canter Chief bucked, I snatched him and he was immediately sorry, started licking his lips and chewing.  I pet him and we started, this time his upward transition was great.  I was really happy with his progress.  He was really trying the whole time.  Astrid watched the second half of our lesson and helped out a lot! She really loves Chief and I know is really proud of our progress.  By the end of our lesson his trot was really nice.  Astrid worked him herself for 5 or 10 minutes at the end and he was very responsive.  He got a little too heady and crowded me when we were walking back to barn so I backed him and made him wait… Progressed to barn one step at a time.  He is such a good boy.  So loving.


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