Slacking off!!! Catching up!

OK So I cannot believe I have not written since before Halloween!  I think the cold weather coupled with crazy personal life changes and work changes have really hindered my writing! Plus the changing of the clocks, and the earlier darker weather has really prevented me from working Chief more than 2x a week.

He is looking a little chubby too I think.

So I know I worked Chief…

11/1, 11/2- But I cannot remember really what our time together consisted of bc I slacked and did not write it down!!  I know I was starting to work on cantering and him picking up the correct lead on a lunge line.  He corrected himself the majority of the time his rear was on the wrong lead.

11/3 (just visited), 11/4 (Just visited)

11/7-  Windy and rainy… Worked Chief for a half hour.  He was good but it was kind of worthless BC of weather.

11/8- Crappy weather… Just said hi and cleaned up my tack

11/9 (Usually would have had a lesson but Astrid unavailable)  Rested bc getting over being sick

11/10- Worked Chief after work for about an hour and 20 minutes.  I left work and went and got him ready and we worked with the flag and under saddle.  I did ground work with him on a lunge line the entire time BC I did not have my shorter lead with me.  I was a little clumsy trying to keep the rope straight when I was switching hands with the flag, but otherwise he was really good.  He had a nice trot and picked up a canter properly.  He Kicked with a buck toward the flag once when I surprised him with a faster movement but he calmed down quickly when I corrected him and worked out his issues.  He lead really well last night and saddled up quietly.  Having a lunge really is helpful when we are cantering.


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