Time Lapse!


So I have been SLACKING!

I totally slacked on writing about my last workouts with Chief, riding and groundwork… but they were pretty uneventful.

Groundwork he was a total angel until this last Sunday when I worked him.  When he was a little edgy. Even riding him was really easy.  He def got a little edgy once or twice but we were able to calm him.  I also stopped riding him attached to a lunge…YAY!  I was so proud.  Unfortunately it is going on 4 weeks since I have ridden him… 3 weeks passed this past Sunday.  But I worked him on the ground quite a few times after that and he was really quiet.   And when I rode him it was strictly practicing walking, trotting, turns and figure 8s.  He gets very girthy at times, and his mouth is very sensitive.  So I was working on using as little hand and leg as possible to get the results we wanted.

This last Sunday when I worked him he was def edgy.  He hadn’t been worked in two weeks, and was kind of on edge.  He acted like he hadn’t seen the flag before, and was actually pretty forward even without the flag.  At one point he got nervous and started pulling back away from me out of fear and I had to drop the flag to calm him.

But we ended on a good note and I was proud of him.  He has been a minor terror this winter thus far… more time in the barn def equals more energy in the field.

So we will see how the rest of the winter goes! But as far as our workouts, he is pretty much going to be hibernating until the weather gets nice again.  Due to the fact I don’t have an indoor ring, or a schedule that allows for light during the evening when I would have time for workouts.  So we are stuck to nice weekends (rare) and if I can trailer (which I would have to borrow) him to the indoor arena.

So my real goal is to start working him again midway through march on a good schedule again.  Hopefully I don’t have to wait until April!

But as soon as the holidays are over I am going to start lessoning again with Astrid at a barn near my house.


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