Time Lapse X 2

So my horsing around has been limited until late.  I feel like I am really out of touch as a horse owner! It has been so cold and I have been such a baby… I go see Chief, pet him and groom him a bit and go home and hide under the blankets.  I have definitely getting the cold shoulder from Chief so I need to get my ass in gear.

But I have been riding the little mustang Cheyenne.  She is the dullest horse I have ever ridden in my life… But she sure is cute.

photoSo Cheyenne is pretty good when it comes to groundwork. I have worked her 4 times with ground work, and have been riding her for a month.  I have ridden her with a crop, a whip and a flag.  I really try to only use these as a tool to make my leg more effective, but this horse… I swear her tail could be on fire and she would be like, “whatever.”

But the way it is helping me is that it is teaching me to stay on horse through tantrums, and develop a better seat.  Because my girl Cheyenne here loves to try to get you off her back when she gets pissed.  She does this head dip, windy body, bucking motion that is really not fun.  But I haven’t fallen off her yet, so keep your fingers crossed for me.  When Astrid sees me working with every tool I have to get her moving to NO avail, she takes the flag, tells me to prep myself, and uses it to get Cheyenne moving.  It is interesting bc Astrid can hold the flag, move it in Cheyenne’s direction, and she FLIES.  So we worked her for 10 minutes pretty good.  And by the time she was actually responsive, it was time to call it a night.  But I hope to soften her up a little, but bc she isn’t my horse I only ride her once a week.

I think I am going to watch her owner ride her, and try to emulate her because I know she doesn’t have as difficult time of it with Cheyenne as I do.  Living and learning.  I really love her.  She is a gentle girl, but I think I need to develop more tools to do that.


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