Back to the grind… YAY!!!

At the old barn!! 2013

At the old barn 2013!!!

Woot Woot! Finally a beautiful night, that was light until 7pm! I even got to scoop some poop and start cleaning his fields.  So Chief and I started our new season off right with some easy ground work.

I did easy work with him without the flag. Just to get him used to being out and about again with me.  We focused on making really even, together circles at the walk and trot.  Worked on backing up a little bit.  Side bending, rolling his hind I was just really trying to get him used to me again.  He was really, really in a good mood by the end of the day, licking and stretching and sniffing me.

I need to get a shorter lead line… the one I am using right now is almost as long as a lunge.  And Hopefully this weekend I will saddle him up with my new saddle and see how we both like it.

I want to take it slow, being that we are starting our second season together, and get him real comfortable.


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