Friday Night Lights… and my pony

What a great weekend~! Aside from the fact that I have a little weird pain in my back… It is like a sensation in my lower back like something is in there pulling on a muscle.  Let’s hope with some kindness to myself and not too much sitting down, it will go away.  Weird thing is, I walk-jogged my pups this morning and it did not hurt at all!

IMG_9842Anyway, lets see… Friday night was great.  We did groundwork with Chief and then I rode for like 40 minutes.  It was really cool actually because when Astrid pulled up she told me not to saddle him up yet.  (Typically I work him for like 20-30 minutes just groundwork, and I get him really settled and comfortable before I ride.)  So the Jersey Fresh 3 day event was this weekend, and Astrid had the opportunity to go to the dressage show Thursday afternoon.  At some point that day event rider Tik Maynard did a 15 minute natural horsemanship demo with a mare he has been working with for awhile.  He practiced groundwork with her without a halter on.  Astrid said it was an amazing, beautiful display of the two being totally joined up and in tune with one another.  probably something like this.  So when she came she did some work with Chief without his halter on, and he was really good!  He took instruction well and followed her movements.  She also sent him out to the exterior of the round pen where he cantered/loped really nicely in both directions, while still being really in tune with Astrid’s body language.  It was really cool to watch.

Chief has been doing a funny thing with his head, holding it up higher while I am bridling him.  Astrid showed ,me how to hold the bridle so I can also manage his head stance while I am putting it on him.  He had a psycho moment when the bit was in his mouth where he flew back…almost like he was in pain.  But we checked him out and were really careful and nothing seemed to be wrong.  We also checked and re checked his girth to make sure that he wasn’t in pain in that area as well.  So we moved on from there and practiced some simple stuff… Upward and downward transitions, soft in both directions, leg yields, turning on the forehand and turn on the hind.  I know I need to ride more to do these things fluidly, and I am trying to work to free up my schedule a little more… lol yea right, maybe in ten years!  But I have been reading a lot, and listening to a couple horsemanship podcasts on horsemanship radio.  So I am keeping myself in the zone.

IMG_0051Saturday was fantastic! We went to the Jersey Fresh, and they were having the cross country courses that day.  It was amazing! I loved watching these riders, so full of energy and determination.  It was a really cool experience.

And finished up the weekend with mother’s day celebrations on Sunday which were really nice and relaxing.


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