The Buck came back, the very next day… The buck came back, we thought it went away!

So… Just as a reminder to myself, my title of this blog is supposed to be sung to the tune of “the cat came back.”  You know, that strange song where the cat keeps dying and coming back to life.  It is actually pretty strange if you think about it! Anyway, to keep with my traditional format:

5/11/15 Groundwork 15 Mins

5/12/15- Groundwork 1 Hr,  Ride 40 Mins

Monday night I groomed Chief, took care of the Gnat problem we are having, and put some MTG in his ears and SWAT down his centerline and on his chest.  It seems to help a lot.  The gnats are really gross this season.  I wonder if it has to do with the creek that runs along the bottom of the property.  Anyway, Chief tried to bite me twice Monday, but we worked that problem out with a lot of backing up, some hard circles, moving his feet and re practicing the initial exercise we were working on.  It wasn’t an attempt at a nasty bite, more like a “I’m trying to see if you will be submissive to me.”  So anyway last night…

Puck and I hanging out in the sun!

Puck and I hanging out in the sun!

It was a beautiful night, but definitely was breezy.  Chief just started getting turned out on his overnight schedule, and Crystal is in heat.  So that being said, Chief worked great naked without a saddle with and without flag. I  cinched the girth on one and I knew he was unsettled.  As soon as I lifted the flag in his direction he flew back, and started bucking. A totally girthy, unhappy horse.  So we worked pretty slowly, and I concentrated on making him walk.  Sometimes Chief gets set off and only has in his mind that our training flag means run, and he definitely is quick. So after an hour of groundwork and me consistently working on keeping him walking and not trotting, he was finally calm.

Well then I went to bridle him and he is backing away from the bridle and the bit and turning his head away from me.  So Astrid helped show me how to ask him to give to the pressure and give me his head.  And we kept working the bridle over his nose, putting the bit nicely in his mouth and taking it out.  I had that problem with him way back when I got him, but we worked on it.  It is just resurfacing this spring for some reason.  I can’t figure out if I did something to cause it or if he is just testing and trying different things hoping I give up and turn him back out.

We rode for 35 mins, a nice easy ride with some easy figure 8s, a nice consistent trot, and some nice turn on the forehands.  No bucking or negativity.  He was just calm and relaxed.

I was really happy.  So I sponged him, gave him a treat and turned him out with his boyfriend Puck and his girlfriend Crystal.


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