Chores, Trail Rides and a Slight back ache

My saddle I brought back to life!  (TOO HEAVY!)

My saddle I brought back to life! (TOO HEAVY!)

Today I am saying I need to go to a Chiropractor. There is something out of whack in my back somewhere that is making my lower back ache!  And something horsey related to this is that the horse chiropractor (I am forgetting his name right now, but he is supposed to be amazing.  And is also an acupuncturist) Came out to work on the horses at Nearway Farm.  So Astrid came back to our barn and taught me how to do some cool stretches with Chief.  Two exercises involved picking up the front legs as if you were going to pick the feet, and kind of gently swaying the leg back and forth.  Almost like a slight rotation in the elbow and shoulder area and then stretching and placing their foot down either stretched way out in front, or far back near his rear hoof on the same side.  Also she taught me how to do carrot stretches, which I think stretches their neck, shoulders and back.  Also she started to show me how to take Chief’s face, gently, and sway it back and forth to get some movement and looseness in his neck.  I LOVE learning this stuff.  I just think it is so interesting! And it give me more opportunities to learn how to keep Chief youthful and healthy.

Saturday the 16th-  I had night barn duty so I shoveled poop, cleaned up the barn a little.  Did some groundwork with Chief and Practiced bridling.  He is so reluctant bridling. It makes me feel bad.  I just see the “whomp whomp” in his eyes. I always very gentle on his mouth.  He is not a dull horse so he doesn’t really need much pressure in any aspect.  I just can tell he hates the bit.  So we will keep working.

Sunday the 17th-  So Chief started out a little hot. He was acting scardey of the flag and trying to run away.  But we worked him out of it, and he got better. I would say we did 25 mins of groundwork while Astrid had me bridle him and get on him when he was fairly calm.  I wouldn’t have said he was totally calm and level headed, but he was fine and I was not scared.  There was a lot of stuff going on for him to be trying to pay attn to instead of me, a tractor was farming so there was dirt flying at us, and someone was shooting guns.  Plus Astrid was riding Crystal, which Chief loves (and I love bc I can watch Astrid demonstrate things for me and it helps me understand more).  There was only one moment where chief felt a little funny.  It is hard for me to describe, but before he used to buck me I would feel his entire body go completely tense underneath me.  And that happened once when Astrid got off crystal to go close the windows on our cars.  I turned Chief in the opposite direction of them, and he was not loving that very much.  But we worked him moderately hard this day in the ring and then we went on a trail ride!  It was so nice I almost cried.  Chief was so good, and Crystal was really behaved,  I haven’t felt like that in so long.  We even led the ride for awhile.  He was really interested in being out on the trail, no spooking.  One time he got a little funny about walking over tree bar, but went right over it when crystal did.

Loved it so much.  Maybe we will make him a safe trail horse yet!

Monday the 18th- Practiced bridling.  Did something different and saddled him in the barn on cross ties, and then went for a walk.  I wanted to switch it up.  He was good.  Not too antsy.  Not too goosey. He wanted to eat, but he really loves just going for walks and looking around.


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