90 degrees and ready to go!

IMG_0578Hey Blog! So I figured it had been way too long since I have written! What a crazy month and a half. My beautiful sister Jenna got married in Mexico so that was kind of a crazy ride… (Bridal shower, Bach party, and then Mexican vacation!!) but what a fun journey.

So needless to say I need to pick up the slack with my pony.  So I have ridden him quite a few times with no weird events or freakouts.  He was super good, to the point Astrid told me she trusted me to ride him alone! Which was great.  SO we had a few really good weeks of workouts.  (Light workouts.  I still haven’t cantered him again since last summer… aside from on a lunge line.)  So we were moving along slowly, but pretty good together.

I have been watching my Buck videos, so Chief and I were working on some early riding techniques.  Turn on the forehand, turn on the hindquarters, leg yields.  Stuff he understands, but things that I need to work on getting better with my signaling to him.  So far so good.  But 2 weeks ago I was in Mexico, and 1 week ago I pulled my back out dismounting.  So the last two weeks have been kind of for the birds.

We did good ground work last night together.  He was kind of forward though. More so than normal for a hot day.  but he hadn’t been worked at all since before the weekend.  I am not sure if i reported on this before, but I got a new saddle for him which I think he likes, and I like a lot.  It is a barefoot treeless saddle.  It sits really soft on his back and doesn’t slide back like a lot of critics report.

The day before I left for Mexico, I accidentally smacked Chief in the face with my fly swatter (rookie mistake) and freaked himIMG_0288 out and he tossed me off in the woods.  he didn’t buck though which is good to report!!! And I guess I should say I dove off rather than he tossed me off.  I got nervous bc there were trees everywhere and he was freaking out.  My me being a dummy didn’t realize to drop the fly swatter! Silly me.  So he just continued to look at it with the side of his eye and panicked. it happened so fast.

Astrid tells me that I need to learn how to control Chief with he gets scared.  But I guess only practice and continuous riding will help me with that.

I am really organizing my life right now and forcing myself to get on a good riding schedule/eating schedule/ and exercising schedule.  I have kind of been lost since summer started… Doing the whole “I will ride tomorrow, I will run tomorrow, I will eat better tomorrow.”  I am over it.  Time to shit or get off the pot.

I also may look into one of those vests that blow up when you fall off your horse and protect your neck and your back.  Sometimes when you are a novice like me it is better to be safe than sorry I think.  I have to take advantage of the rest of the summer.  I am dedicated to becoming a good horsewoman, when my back feels good to go I need to act like it!


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