Shorter stirrups and beautiful night rides.

IMG_0796So it has been a good week back to riding now that I let my back have a few days off! It has been a week of gorgeous nights.  After 6:30 the nights cool off and really are just so beautiful.  The sunsets have been brilliant, and Chief has been really responsive under saddle.

Tuesday July 7th- 45 Minutes Ground work.

Thurs-Grooming day- Getting Chief adjusted to sponges near his face, and also getting used to the hose in the wash stall.

Saturday- 30 Minute ride plus groundwork.  It was so hot!!!! Chief was IMG_0867quiet though and getting better with leg yields and turn on the forehand. His upward and downward transitions have also been really smooth.  Sierra helped me shovel the fields, and brush the other horses, and clean all my tack!

Sunday- had intentions of riding a lesson but I had Craig weed wack the outside of the riding ring, and it took a lot longer than expected.  So we just took a walk around the property and did some groundwork.  IMG_0885

Monday- Lesson with Astrid.  Chief was great, really quiet under saddle.  Astrid wrapped my stirrups (Until I get new ones!!) like a little kid, lol to shorten them.  I do not have a hole punch and the leathers that we had extra are just too long for me!  Omg it felt glorious to ride with a normal length stirrup.  I was riding with them long for a month and I felt like I was reaching for the stirrups and his belly all the time.  So uncomfortable. What a beautiful night.


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