Barn Duty weekend


My “new” old saddle and new gloves. This was before I adjusted the saddle and girth to the correct position!

So I was on barn duty all weekend! Chief was great and definitely got my exercise in doing the stalls and the fields for 2 days.  I love barn work though.  I love work where I don’t have to think too much.  It really relaxes me.  I feel the same way about cleaning my tack and cooking.  I guess because I think all day, and over think my whole life, it is nice to just be able to relax.

So Friday Chief and I did like 30 minutes of groundwork.  We started working on upward transitions from a trot to a canter.  He went really nice going to the left, but had a little trouble picking up the correct lead to the right.  But I hooked him to a longer line and he went really nicely.

Saturday was nice because my mom came along with me to the barn, helped me clean, and groomed Puck who is Chief’s best friend.  Ground work for like 15 mins, great upward and downward transitions.  We rode for prob 40 mins, had a great ride.  We did not canter under saddle yet, we will be doing that this week! (Yay!!!)  So I am excited about that.  But Saturday his only quirks were a little bit of head tossing, and he got a little pissy when Crystal left to go get hosed down and he was along.  But nothing crazy.IMG_1041

Sunday I was on barn duty and it was HOT.  I planned to ride but I was lazy and didn’t.  I cooked all damn day and had family over for lunch.  Which was really nice.


3 thoughts on “Barn Duty weekend

  1. I would like to reblog the photos with your permission. I love Treeless Saddles. That’s my whole blog 🙂
    I have had a Barefoot in the past. I wouldn’t mind trying the Arizona.


    • Hi there! Absolutely feel free to use the photos. I am a new treeless owner, and I will check out your blog! I love the saddle. It is about 8 years old or so, but is in really good condition and is very comfortable. Chief had a bucking problem, is a little girthy… but seems really content with his treeless.


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