Actin’ like a lesson horse in the heat

IMG_1340We were away last week from Thursday through Sunday am.  But I did ride when I came home Sunday PM (8/16) for about 40 minutes and Monday (8/16) for about 40 minutes.  It has been really hot, which is attributing to Chief’s calm demeanor and slow movements.

The flies are awful in New Jersey right now, especially bc we have a creek that runs at the bottom of the property, so the bombers are insane right now.  The poor horses can’t catch a break.

Chief seems like he is tight or sore in his left shoulder.  In the beginning of our workouts, if I don’t stretch him properly or really loosen him up he favors his left leg… going to the left, and bending to the right… acting a little lame and bobbing his head. We are watching it and taking it easy.  It seems like once he loosens up with some light work going to the right, he gets a lot better moving toward the left.  We are doing carrot stretches, and I also stretch him when I tighten his girth, which he seems to like.

Since I got him in December, that is the month I count as his birthday… So he is either 16 or 17 this year.  Maybe he is becoming an old man already.  🙂 But I think with regular exercise and mental stimulation he will be a solid mount for a long time.


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