So in the last week I rode Thursday, and Monday (yesterday) the 21st. Both rides were short and sweet… And really lovely.
Thursday- my mom came along to the barn which was really nice. This night was a little cooler but beautiful. Low 80s if I remember correctly. Chief has not been loving the fly spray lately. Which is strange, but we’re dealing with it. Did about 25 mins of groundwork, and rose for about 30 minutes. Trying to work on my balance and my seat. Not loving the saddle I am riding in, bc I feel like there is really no twist. So o really want to get a new saddle before this season is over. But I plan on riding Into the winter this wear so we will see. I rode in shorts. Lol because I forgot my pants. He really wanted to canter though, so I let him go :). It was the first time I cantered without Astrid watching so another small milestone for me.

Monday (lesson) – last night was really nice for me because the weather was downright chilly, and I worked out of my comfort Zone of the really hot weather. And I had nerves on the way to the barn. And I didn’t know if I had the courage to ride. Astrid could definitely tell I was nervy, and right away I said “Chief is going to be bad as hell tonight.” So I saddled him up, talked quietly to him, but he was a little stresses. Tail was kinked. And I could tell because he was dancing in place a little bit.
But Astrid told me to do leading exercises initially instead of our initial circles and flag work. And I loved this lesson because she helped me re focus on really making sure Chief backs without resistance. Lately because Chief has been so good under saddle I have not be so particular about our basics. Like, “ok you don’t want to backup? What the fuck ever because you’re not bucking me off.” But I know I really have to work on backing him on the ground for that respect transitions into the saddle for us.
We walked and trotted last night. Nothing crazy bc I was a little nervy, but you know… I’m giving myself a little slack because I have not really let nerves get the better of me at all lately.
We might be moving more slowly than a cowboy would… But we are getting there. I want to “have a plan” for my rides, focus on respect, and make my rides longer. Sometimes I’m on a one crunch and we do groundwork for long I cut my rides too short.
I can’t wait for the farmer to harvest the corn, and cut down the stalks. I want to make better use of riding on the farm.



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