Late Season Rides

IMG_2691I have been having such a great time kind of relaxing before winter hits.  This week I was only at the barn one night, and both days last weekend so I feel a little guilty… almost like I am slacking.  But it has been getting dark before I leave work, and I have just been in such a mood where I want to go home, get dinner ready and catch up on my T.V shows that I watch.  But since I last written about our workouts, I have probably rode Chief maybe 4 or 5 times, and did some groundwork only on 2 or 3 occasions.

Just because I can remember specifics about this past weekend… Saturday the 14th I did groundwork only in the am, probably for about an hour,  I groomed Chief beautifully, and cut his bridle path.  Sunday we did like 30 mins of groundwork and I could tell Chief was good to go, so we rode for approx 40 mins.  We worked on serpentine’s, turn on the forehand, turn on the hind, rolling his hindquarters over and smooth transitions.  I worked him in and outside of the arena, and he loves when we work in the grass.  He obviously likes the footing much better.  But he was a superstar so I was happy.  We tried a different bit on him, thinking it would be a little less pressure on his tongue than the one I was riding him in, but I am switching him back because I don’t love it.  And I don’t think he loves it either.

Also, Astrid and  I rode the property a few times, which was fantastic and beautiful.

But I am kind of glad the season is winding down… There was a lot of goings on this year that just stressed me out.  My goal for next year is to stick to a good schedule with Chief, ride him more than I rode him this year, and get better at my groundwork and connection with Chief and maybe other horses.

Two or 3 weeks ago Chief spun and gave a little buck when walking away from the mounting block.  It was the first time trying the new bit, was getting a little dark outside and was kind of windy.  I got him under control pretty quickly and dismounted after he was calm… I haltered him over the bridle and lunged him and did some desensitizing groundwork with him before I mounted again.  After that he was great.

Other than that, he has been great.  I haven’t ridden him since Sunday, so I am hoping for good weather this weekend! We are also joining our church this weekend, so I am so excited about that.  And the wedding will be coming up soon enough.

Also, RIP Rascal.  What a great pony you were… you will be missed.



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