Saddle Browsing… and hopefully buying

So I rode Chief yesterday and he was a doll.  I rode a bit throughout December but really not much.  I think I rode 3 or 4 times total, and managed groundwork one or two days.  This holiday season has been totally nuts.  My fiance’s son came in from California, and we managed to run everywhere we needed to go.  Combine the holidays with the lack of light after work, and packed

renee pics 137

Friday the pup looking rather evil

weekends and my attempts at being a horsewoman get totally screwed.

So what am I doing now… Making myself a horse schedule.  When I rode yesterday Chief was really relaxed, but also very dull… So I can work on that with him doing some simple exercises, even in his stall at night when it is dark out.

I have big plans for next season… BIG PLANS!   Just with my work schedule, I totally get screwed up as soon as we start having dark nights here in Jersey.  Good news is it is staying a minute lighter every day now.  So here’s hoping the winter flys by.

I am also a baby about the cold.  Which it has not been cold yet so I have no excuse to complain, but I have a feeling it is coming. Plus I am slightly sick… the annoying scratchy kind of sick, not full fledged.

What am I concentrating on now is the great saddle debate! I am debating between the Fabtron Lady Trail saddle or the Fabtron Cross Trail.  All of their reviews are fantastic, and  I love the idea that the tree is really reputable and supposedly fits most horses pretty well.  I am borrowing a friend’s saddle to try it out soon so hopefully I love it . Both of these images are borrowed from… Who have a great reputation.

I also found this video really helpful, and am considering rigging up the cross trail for center fire rigging which I think looks really safe.  We will see how Chief likes it.  In the end, he’s the one who has to be most comfortable!

In my barn slacking… things I have been working on with him… Soft feel at the walk and stand still.  Nice gentle head bends and head lowering.  And… actually being able to spend more than an hour at the barn per time I am there.



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