Hiatus over! Missing riding

So I am really over this winter crap.  I know that it really has not been a terribly bad winter considering New Jersey’s last 3 winters but I am still ready for spring.  Now I am sure there are days (many days) I could have ridden in the cold but considering there is no indoor at my farm, lots of mud and ice, added to the wind whipping across the property I am definitely a 3 season rider right now.  I would love to change that up in the next few years, but I am OK with it for now.

Plus I accidentally dumped chief over in the snow  on a hidden patch of ice.  Kind of graceful looking but the guilt I felt overrode the hilarity of the actual situation.

So some updates… Chief is doing great.  He hand his pasture mate, Puck, are closer then ever.  I think Chief is secretly a Masochist because Puck clearly rules the roost, but Chief seems to love him even more in all his pushiness.


Best Friends

Speaking of Puck, he is a 17(ish) Warm blood cross who’s owner relocated to Idaho years ago.  At first I did not pay too much attention to him.  Frankly he kind of annoyed me because he can act kind of skitzy if he does not know you.  But this winter he has totally grown on me.  I don’t know if it is the fact that Chief loves him so much, or it is the way he is such a human loving horse, but I really am starting to get attached to him.  Which is not a terrible thing because he is not going anywhere.  Puck is not a ride able horse due to arthritis in his back legs. I am not sure which area of his legs it effects, but sometimes he just looks a little wobbly back there.  He was originally purchased at a 5 figure price tag as a dressage prospect, was ridden pretty steadily even up until 3 years ago until his early arthritis kicked in.  I wish I could ride him, as he is beautiful, but I am happy Chief has a partner in crime that he loves. I will NOT be happy, though, if he rips a hole in another one of Chief’s blankets. I believe the last time he was ridden he took my friend on a bucking journey down a long dirt path on our property.


Dirty Puck!!!!

Speaking of my man Chief, I am really amped up to do more trail riding this coming season.  I know this is going to be our best year yet.  I would really like to do a little less ring work (even though sometimes our ring work is slow and doesn’t look like we are making much progress) less groundwork and more relaxed riding around the property.  Maybe Astrid will even want to take our ponies on a trail ride off to the park! I am sure I will be a little nervous but I need to get past that and have some more experiences!  Plus my new saddle will do a good job holding my real big booty in place.

In that same thought process I also have become obsessed with watching Hunter/ Jumper shows online.  And I would love to school specifically in that discipline.  My instructor and I have basically been working with Chief solely in the ride-ability and trust aspect, but I always considered myself a fair and pretty gentle rider so I know I could do well with the right attitude, time and horse.  So I figure I will work on my equitation with Chief currently because I really feel like although he is little, he definitely has heart and ability.  Eventually maybe I can have Chief as my trail pleasure pony and ride a second horse (lesson horse or my own) who could help me learn to improve and maybe do some light showing.  Gotta have goals, right?

Also I am becoming obsessed with horse blogs.  The ones I love so far:

To the Spring!




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