New Saddle and Consistent Rides

5 great days of work and 4 really nice rides.

IMG_4334(1)Sunday Feb 29th- Rode… So low key and relaxed.  Took it easy went on walks.  A few peppermints were involved.  Walked mostly, only light trotting.  No issues.

Tues march 1st- Light Groundwork. Rode 30 Mins, Serpentines, walk to stop transitions.  Some walk trot transitions. Really relaxed.

Sunday March 6th- Beautiful day.  WTC day.  Canter to the left perfect.  Canter to the right difficult to pick up the correct lead. I am working on my balance and my seat.

Tuesday March 8th- Groundwork under new saddle.  Chief was great.  Only minor worries about his new saddle.  No bucking.  Mostly groundwork only, Astrid took me on a walk trot pony ride because I was still a little nervy.

Weds March 9th- Rode with Astrid.  I am always a worse rider in lessons bc


My new saddle! Fabtron Cross Trail ❤

I feel like I have a hard time concentrating.  I have a hard time concentrating on what I am supposed to do while listening to instruction.  Going to get better at this over this spring! Walk trot transitions.  Chief was jumping into his trot for some reason.  He senses my nerves I am sure.  But was still a total puppy dog.  Which I appreciated.

Working on this coming week… Knowing where his feet are.  Rolling his hind over.  Backups.  Good smooth walk trot transitions.  Getting Chief super comfortable with his new saddle.

Also, I want a painting by Sarah Lynn Richards so bad!



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