2 Houses, A Wedding and No Funerals.

My life has been a beautiful mix of chaos these last 7 months… I managed to:fullsizerender28

  • Sprained my ankle twice
  • Wear a giant air cast for 2 months
  • Bought a new house
  • Sold our old house
  • Moved!
  • Planned a wedding
  • Multiple Dress Fittings
  • Nashville for my Bach Party
  • Bridal shower

And got back to riding Chief this week.  Needless to say he had a 3 month break!  I just mentally could not dedicate time to my pony and the wedding and moving.  I almost think spraining my ankle so badly was an gift from God, only because it alleviated the guilt I had about not working my horse!


Astrid tied my wedding bells to Chief’s halter to celebrate Craig and I 🙂

Now  we are back in action though we are feeling pretty good! To put a good base on Chief after being off for 3 months, I did groundwork for 5 days last week.  Prob about 1 hr to 2 hr sessions.  It was fun, and it got him back in the work mindset a little bit.  He was great with the flag, very responsive to be and really respectful.

So I scheduled 3 lessons in a row with Astrid.  I had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night lessons.  The first night was fantastic.  I was really careful with my groundwork and really relaxed.  We ended with a great trail ride and really felt together.  Worked on Chief moving off my leg, controlling his hindquarters, turn on the forehands, nice halts and nice downward and upward transitions (walk and trot).

Same exercises over the next three rides with varying degrees of difficulty.  Thurs was a little more challenging, whereas Friday felt challenging but more like we were connecting.  No bucking, which is really nice to think about.

I rode alone yesterday, Monday 10/11, and it was a perfect ride and a perfect night.  I laugh when I say this to people but I think Chief actually really likes me now.  I never thought he particularly liked me.  I know he tolerated me, but now I feel a bond.  And that makes me happiest of all.  It makes me sad that so many of his owners chose to get rid of him, rather than to work through his issued with him, but it makes me happy that I am his partner now.  Giving that up to Jesus.


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