Sugar High

Lately Chief and I both seem to feel the same way.  Bloated and tired.  Every time I look at him I think , “If I was a horse, we would be identical twins.”   Our exercise routines have been pretty identical too.  I am sure my excuse is the abundance of sugar I have been eating.  His… I am not so sure.  Everything kind of goes something like this.

Walk a little.  Walk Slower. Turn. Walk a little faster. Maybe some trot steps. Stop.  Ahhh relief.

Lets go eat.

Except one big exception is that, after a day of “work” in the ring,  I choose to lay on my couch, with my iPhone, reading Chrono of the horse blogs and “Behind the Stall Door Segments.”  Whereas he likes to sleep with his head in a steaming pile of shit.

To each their own.

I have to imagine if Chief knew what doughnuts tasted like, he would also dream about them.  Last night I had a dream I won a horse show (I don’t know where this came from ) and that my reward was a large white box of doughnuts wrapped in a sparkling pink ribbon.  This was before my dream That a rapper named Machine Gun Kelly and I had a romantic date on a cruise ship.  But after the dream where I was being farted on by my Dog.

Moral of the story is if I did ever win a horse show, and they rewarded me with a giant box of doughnuts, I would be a happy camper, I would forgo the blue ribbon.  And I imagine Chief would feel the same way.  Because when I give him a horse cookie, he feels all of the feels.

Being that this is only one of the 8 reasons I project onto him that he is my best friend, you can see my priorities are clearly in order. Food First.  Obviously he can’t argue with me, so no one has to know the truth.  That he would rather have his head up Puck’s big warm blood butt than be hanging out with me.

But alas, here we are.  Me committed to pay to keep him with me, and he has been nothing but perfect lately.  I consider myself really blessed.  For a free horse, and two years of solid work.  We do pretty damn well together.

Last night on our little hack we saw the “Super Moon.”  Pretty awesome. img_0288


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